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Quality Control and Labor Efficiency
Modular Construction for Hotels
In the hospitality sector, additional revenues realized through accelerated schedules can greatly enhance your return on investment. The advanced quality-control provided by a manufacturing environment will insure every room meets your guests’ expectations.
Modular Construction for Resorts
In resort settings, where local labor costs are often prohibitive, modular construction and our labor efficiency can provide additional cost savings. Your resort guests are less impacted by new construction when you choose Champion Commercial Structures and relocate the noise, trash and disturbance resulting from conventional site construction, to one of our manufacturing centers located strategically across North America..

4 Unit Town Home  , 3/2 - 2280 sq. ft. x 2 Floors = 4560 sq.ft. .

The Greene, Beaver Creek, Ohio

Conveniently located, cost-efficient housing can be a challenge sometimes. Athens Park Model RVs has many styles of park models that can be used for workforce or specialty housing.

Build Faster. Build Smarter. Build with Champion

Halliburton Apartments, Williston N.D. .

Tarpon Bay , Florida, Condominiums

Kirkland Towne Homes , Renton , Washington.

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Champion Commercial Structures delivers accelerated modular construction for the Stateside Hotel at Jay Peak Resort in Jay, Vermont  . The Project Scope  :
85 guestroom modules over conventionally built podium  , 40,432 modular square feet, built with 46 total modules
The Challenge :  A limited build period combined with a short ski season necessitated an accelerated construction process to bring much needed and additional hotel capacity to the Stateside slopes of the growing Jay Peak Resort.
The Solution : The client tapped the Champion Commercial Structures Team to design, engineer, produce, transport and install the guestroom modules for the new Stateside Hotel & Day Lodge.
Champion’s Strattanville, Pennsylvania, facility was chosen to manufacture the building modules for the accelerated construction effort. Though it was the client’s first endeavor with the modular process, the client/CCS team worked closely to ensure a successful project, finishing on time and on budget.



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